ACS Technology and Innovation Ensures Accurate, Reliable Data Collection

At the forefront of the success of the collection of meter reading field data are field tough tools like the Alexander’s VersaProbe® touch read wand and the ultra-rugged and feature-rich Mobile Android products – Kyocera Duraforce Pro and Juniper Allegro 3 handheld devices. These tools combine feature, performance and reliability that are unmatched in the meter reading operations environment. The VersaProbe® Touch read wand and Android field handhelds are built to withstand the rigors of weather and drop and shock environments; further, they ensure consistent, quality data collection each and every day throughout the read process.

VersaProbe® – The Universal Probe for Reliable Meter Reading

The VersaProbe® was designed for the purpose of reading commercially-available direct-connect and inductively coupled utility meter register/encoders. The patented Alexander’s AMRS VersaProbe® unit operates as a standalone meter-reading device for touch-read meters and registers, or as a touch-read add-on to many meter-reading handheld devices such as the rugged Kyocera Duraforce Pro 2 Smart Phone and the Juniper Systems Allegro 3 Handheld. A Bluetooth® interface enables a wireless connection between the VersaProbe unit and the meter reading handheld device, if desired.

The VersaProbe® touch reader allows cities and utilities to read meters efficiently by automating the process of data collection, thereby eliminating read and transaction errors. VersaProbe® enables cost-effective touch reading by saving time and reducing meter reading expenses.

Available VersaProbe® Models

Model Description
VP-31 Standard probe with Bluetooth Option, NiMH battery and Side-Jack Wall Charger
VP-33 Probe with adapter for reading Neptune ARB-V pin- type receptacles
VP-34 Probe with fixed 23" pit probe extension
VP-34T Probe with 22-42" telescoping pit extension
VP-35 Probe with telescoping pit-probe extension and adjustable-angle read head
VP-51 Standard probe with Bluetooth Standard, Li-Ion Battery, Extra Memory and Mini USB Wall Charger
VP-54 Probe with fixed 23" pit probe extension
VP-54T Probe with 22-42" telescoping pit extension
VP-55 Probe with telescoping pit-probe extension and adjustable-angle read head
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Rugged Handhelds
Android Mobile Collection for Accuracy and Timeliness of Data Delivery

Rugged Android handheld products with innovative features such as high-quality photos, GPS coordinate collection, as well as Cellular, Wi-Fi and Bluetooth connectivity are key to the high level of performance offered by Alexander's RouteManager meter reading solution. Durability, feature-rich technology and consistent operation in the field add to the value of the ACS approach to recommending these hardware field tools.

Supported Devices

Device Description
Kyocera Duraforce Pro 2 Rugged Smartphone with Android Operating System and Touchscreen
Juniper Systems Allegro 3 Rugged Handheld with Android 7.1 Operating System and Full Alpha-Numeric Keyboard
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Rugged Mobile Hardware Device Technology and Features:

Extremely Fast Processing Power
Extended Battery-Life
Certified IP68 Waterproof and Dustproof Ultra-Rugged - Built for Extreme Outdoor Usage
Cellular, Wi-Fi and Bluetooth Connectivity
Highly Sensitive GPS Capability
Reliable Android O/S Handheld Features Using the Latest ACS Android DZReader Application
Durable Touchscreen or Full Alpha-Numeric Keyboard
High Visibility - Sun or Shade - Backlit LCD Display
5 MP Resolution with Auto-focus Camera
2-Year Manufacturer’s Warranty
And much more…