On May 18, 1967, Nelson Alexander, set out to inspire an innovative team of employees centered on a customer centric culture. Together we focused on a mission to provide public and private water utilities with the absolute most advanced methods for managing their water resources. As we attracted new customers through the 1980's and 90's the next generation management team grew within the company.

Tim Alexander, Nelson's son, and now President, developed his deep understanding of infield utility data collection by performing at every level within the company. Now his leadership inspires us to be an extension of customers as we work in the communities they serve.

Technological innovation has continually improved our ability to serve our customers. As the new millennium began, we created our in-house software development team. Today, the water utility industry recognizes our inventive methods and technological advances as the fulfillment of Nelson's original mission.

1967 - 1979

May 18, 1967 ACS reads its First meter for the City of Yucaipa California. Neighboring communities take an interest in us as we expand our meter reading contract services within the Southern California area.

By the late 1970's, Alexander's Contract Services' reputation for dependability and accuracy is well-established beyond our local service area. We are invited to compete for business outside of the Southern California region.

Our founder, Nelson Alexander, solidifies the foundation for future growth.

1980 - 1999

Alexander's expands operations to include two new divisions: the first to serve Central California and the second for our Northern California customers.

Our headquarters then moves to Atascadero California. Nelson repositions the main office to be strategically located equal distance to all three of our main service areas. Nelson's son, Tim Alexander, begins working for ACS.

We reach two milestones in the late 1990's: over 250,000 meters are now under ACS management and technology enters the workplace­ we begin our first touch read routes.

2000 - Present

Tim Alexander becomes president of Alexander Contract Services.

We created our in-house software development team with a single purpose: to reinvent utility usage data collection by eliminating errors and make data accessible in real time on low-cost handhelds.

Our development team releases DZReader and RouteManager portal released to utilities with in-house teams of readers. Employees can read 1,000 meters manually in a single 8-hour day by using our DZReader software on a low-cost Android device. Data is transferred to our RouteManager portal in real time.

Alexander's customer base extends from Canada to Central America and currently has in excess of 1.5 Million meters/month under management.

Alexander’s acquires the products and assets of the Northrop Grumman Utility Solutions division and becomes manufacturer, support and repair facility for VersaProbe and RouteManager reading solutions.