DZ Reader on Windows Mobile and Android devices.

With over 46 years of experience providing global meter reading management solutions to water utilities DataZeo is the leading innovator of real time solutions to accurately and efficiently manage utility data collection and reporting.

Alexander's created Datazeo for our inhouse needs, today we invite public and private water utility providers, with in­house teams of your own, to explore all the game changing advantages of CSST and DZ Reader.


At the center of it all is our CSST hub which utilizes secure servers to manage store and share data in a secure virtual private network (VPN) environment. In­field reads push read data to the CSST hub via our DZ Reader software from any Windows Mobile and Android device in real time.

For a detailed look at how it works think S.M.A.R.T.


- is accomplished by taking extremely complex systems and transforming them into simple automated workflows.


- puts Simple in motion. CSST creates real time interaction with readers by giving them universal access to the meter reading process via DZ Reader connected to the CSST hub via our secured VPN network.


- is infused into each critical step of the process by guiding in­field staff through a successful and accountable data collection process.

Resource Management

- tracks the entire data collection process and employee resources. The system orchestrates the meter reading and certification to completion.

Time Efficiency

- is the result of all four of the above aspects combined. This ensures solid ROI when CSST and DZ Reader are deployed.

How most utility usage data collection is done today

How we remove every point of failure with a perfect conclusion